During the first meeting I want to get to know you, your lifestyle and preferred personal style and find out what you expect from your garden,  I would also like to find out how much time will you be able to commit to garden maintenance.   At this stage it would be great to know your budget, but we can also come up with figures later in the process. This meeting usually takes about one hour.


Based on the design brief and initial meeting, I will prepare the design proposal, which will include a Moodboard showing general direction of the design and sketches showing planned garden layout and ideas about planting and design features.    This will be a base point for the design. I look forward to hearing your genuine opinion about my ideas so that I know if the design is taking right direction.


At the end of the process, I present you with the complete Design Pack, which contains detailed drawings, including working drawings necessary for the contractor to quote for the works, visualisations of intended look, planting plans, lighting plan and materials specifications. You can use it to obtain quotes from your chosen Landscapers. 


I aim to work closely with your chosen contractor, to ensure the final effect corresponds with the design. I regularly visit the site to ensure the works are conducted up to good standard and to answer any questions during works.